For Players

Welcome to Clinton Upward! This season you will participate in a league that will redefine the word “winner.”

Today’s sports culture has created a “win at all cost” mentality. However, in Upward, success is not based on wins and losses. Coaches are trained that success is determined by how they convey salvation, character, and self-esteem to each of you. Upward defines winning as learning and/or teaching lessons in the game of life.

• You will be notified by your coach about your practice and game times and locations (about 1 hour each)
• Your player items will be distributed by the coach at one of the first practices
• You will receive a complete list of rules with your player items, please read them or have a parent read them to you
• You will be working with new adult friends – coaches and referees – please show them respect and courtesy
• You will play at least half of the game.  The starting lineup may change with every game
• Your coach/others will lead you in devotions/prayer and talk about the impact God can have on your life
• You will have the opportunity to learn Scripture together and be rewarded for participation

If your Coach has not contacted you by December 23rd, please contact us at